School life

What makes Springwell Academy different?


At the Junior School (Grades 7-9), core academics comprise of Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies and Basic Science. Learners are expected to take all four as compulsory subjects with a 90 minutes (double period) block on the time-table.

Other subjects offered in addition are Home Economics, Agric. Science, CRE, Basic Technology, Arts and Crafts, Igbo, French, Spanish, Chinese, and vocational subjects. At the end, learners sit for a national or state-wide examination known as Basic Education Certificate Examination.

Besides core subjects; English Language, Maths and Civic Education, Senior school students are expected to opt for Arts or Science at the end of Grade 10, and offer a minimum of 8 subjects in the certificate class. At this level as an international school, the school shall offer students the opportunity to take the SAT, TOEFL and IGCSE.



At Springwell Academy, teamwork cuts across teaching and learning. Learners are guided as they explore various topics as individuals and on collaborative basis, engage in relevant research with a goal to acquire knowledge, and understanding as well as relevant life skills. Learning is complemented with sports, arts and music. Learners identified to have extra needs are supported by Intervention. All learners enjoy an individualized approach and support is readily given by teachers.

Learning is assessment driven as learners make progress across each year and with continuous measurement. Test and examination results are recorded and are used for evaluation, decision-making and academic planning. Individual learners’ progress charts are available to parents.

Teachers are dedicated and motivated to function across the disciplines in team teaching and the best subject area specialists are engaged.


A code of conduct is issued to individual students following an offer admission letter. This is done to ensure that the school’s expectations, practices and procedures are known and understood in an environment where good behaviour is encouraged and reinforced. It also exists to ensure that every member of the school community feels valued and respected and to promote self-esteem and self–discipline. Students and parents are expected to acknowledge receipt with their signature.

Learning Resources

Available are a well-furnished ICT lab and a stocked library. A state-of-the-art science lab for the junior and senior school.


Since learning occurs in and out of the classroom, Springwell Academy naturally gives attention to various extra curricula activities.

With our relevant infrastructure, we hope to carve a niche in sports which is believed to contribute more to “School Spirit” than any other single factor. Participation in sports provides lessons that cannot be learnt in the traditional classroom.

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