Springwell Academy.

A co-educational school, with an ultra-modern boarding facility. The serene environment is inviting and purposefully designed to take holistic care of students and staff, and also to fuel a passion for lifelong learning and creativity.


A place to learn and grow together

At Springwell Academy, teamwork cuts across teaching and learning. Learners are guided as they explore various topics as individuals and on collaborative basis, engage in relevant research with a goal to acquire knowledge and understanding, as well as relevant life skills.

Why Springwell Academy?

International School

Senior school students are expected to opt for Arts or Science and at the end of Grade 10 as an international school, the school shall offer students the opportunity to take the SAT, TOEFL and IGCSE.

World Languages

Our students have the opportunity to learn both local and international languages like Igbo, French, Spanish, Chinese, and vocational subjects alongside their core subjects.

Learning Resources

Available are a well-furnished ICT lab , a stocked library and a state-of-the-art science lab.


At the Junior School (Grades 7-9), core subjects comprise of Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies and Basic Science. Senior school students are expected to opt for Arts or Science at the end of Grade 10 and offer a minimum of 8 subjects in the certificate class.

Student's Clubs

Springwell Academy naturally gives attention to various extra-curricula activities. With our relevant infrastructure, we hope to carve a niche in sports which contribute more to “School Spirit” than any other single factor.

Financial Aid

Springwell Academy aims to provide opportunities for students with academic ability. To this end, up to 40% rebate on tuition fee will be given to few students with an outstanding performance in the entrance examinations.

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